Friday, 18 March 2016

UK Captains Summit 2016

Last weekend, me and Becka, headed down to Cambridge for the Etsy UK Captains Summit 2016. 
The summit was a two day event with a focus on maximising Etsy teams offline activities. 

Much to everyones delight, this years summit was themed around the Great British Bake Off. Over the course of the weekend we undertook Etsy's version of the signature, technical and showstopper challenges. 
These challenges were an opportunity to generate and discuss ideas for future events for the team. 

These challenges were done in groups made up of Captains and Leaders from Etsy teams from across the country. 
It was really interesting and thought provoking, discussing ideas with members of other Teams. 

Through listening to their experiences, and sharing ours, we have left the summit with notebooks filled with ideas and of possible events to run this year. 

We were also lucky enough to experience a little taste of Cambridge while we were there. 
On the Saturday evening all the Captains, Leaders and also Etsy staff attended dinner at Magdalene College. It all felt very hogwarts-esque as we dined in candle light!

Becka and I both left the summit feeling motivated, and excited about the future of our team - from meet ups, to workshops and some other surprises!

We can't wait to share some of the exciting new ideas with you all soon!

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