Monday, 18 April 2016

The Moody Octopus Project

Want to be involved in the creation of an Octopus that's going to visually show the emotions we go through and raise awareness about mental health?
Well keep on reading…

One of our team members, Gemma from Girl on Purl Action, is launching The Moody Octopus Project that we just had to spread the word about. 

So how does the project work?

Gemma is calling for individuals to crochet or knit a rectangle.  
But these aren't just any rectangles! The rectangles will create a mood diary for a week using colour to reflect different emotions. 
These rectangles will then be joined together to form the legs of The Moody Octopus on the 25th of June as part of the MakeFest in central library. 

Sound good? Heres what to do:

Every day for 1 week you will need to:

  • Knit or crochet 4 rows
  • Each row will be 30 stitches 
  • In DK wool
  • On 4mm hooks or needles
  • In a colour that corresponds to your mood for that day

(if knitting use either garter stitch or stockinette stitch and if crocheting use double crochet in UK terminology)

Gemma has put together a colour chart as pictured below. But if you have other colours of yarn, get creative!

Gemma will need to recieve any rectangles before the 25th of June so they will be ready for the MakeFest. 
You can either post or drop of your rectangles in person at;

Hobo Kiosk 
re GOPA 
9 Bridgewater Street
L1 0AR

My crochet rectangle ready to send off

Samples of knitted rectangles!

Gemma needs a minimum of 100 pieces so lets try and help her reach that target!
Share this project with anyone who you think might be interested! 

You can find out more about this fantastic project here 

To keep up to date with the project be sure to follow Gemma's social media accounts;

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