Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Etsy To Me

To me, Etsy means a whole lot more than just a source of income. 

Etsy means opportunity….

Since selling on Etsy, I have been provided with so many opportunities to develop my shop, and also my skills and experience. 

Not long after I opened my shop, I was getting a lot of inquiries about weddings and parties. This is not what I intended when I opened my shop, but it opened up a whole new market and opportunity for me!

From being approached for magazine and blog features, to the opportunity to manage this blog for the Etsy Merseyside team; selling on Etsy has opened so many doors of opportunity, and I'm excited to see what comes next!

Etsy means community…. 

Being a member, and now a team leader, of the Merseyside Etsy team has helped me discover a whole community of likeminded Etsy sellers. 

Before selling on Etsy, I didn't realise the amount of talented makers in throwing distance from me. 

Now within the Merseyside Etsy Team, there is a great community of sellers always happy to help and discuss everything Etsy!

Etsy means unique gifts…

I may be selling on Etsy, but I do a fair share of buying on there too. 
Shopping on Etsy has meant I have been able to buy my friends and family unique and personalised gifts that you just can't find anywhere else (and support other small businesses at the same time!!)

Get involved and use the hashtag, EtsyToMe on social media and share what Etsy means to you! 

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