Monday, 1 February 2016

6 Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, but there is still enough time to get a little something for the special person in your life.

We've put together our pick of beautiful cards and gift ideas, all from members of the Merseyside Etsy Team.
All of the items featured are made by local artists from Merseyside and the North West.
This is a great way to support small businesses in your local area, at the same time as seeing unique handcrafted products!

1. Scratch and Reveal Card

By A Few Home Truths 

This personalised card by A Few Home Truths, is a unique idea that is bound to put a smile on your loved ones face. 
Any word or message can be put underneath a scratch and reveal sticker, ready to be scratched off on Valentines Day.
What message would you have hidden underneath?!

2. Paper Rose

By The Folded Page

There's no need to buy real roses anymore when you can have these beautiful handcrafted, everlasting ones. 
The paper around the stem has a beautiful message, or alternatively, can be personalised with your own words. 

3. Personalised Miniature Love Letter

By Little Letter UK

This teeny tiny gift is one that is guaranteed to pull on the heart strings. 
The little box includes a personalised miniature love letter and a magnifying glass to read it with, as well as a miniature photo frame.

The presentation of this gift is truly beautiful, with every last detail thought of. 

4. Heart Gloves

December may have been and gone, but it's still nippy out! 
Keep warm in these adorable hand knitted, hand warmers made from soft merino wool. 

5.  Valentine's Pet Tag

by Peggy and Flo

Valentine's Day doesn't always have to be about the special person in your life - dogs and cats are just as worthy of the title of being your Valentine. 
This cute tag by Peggy and Flo can also be personalised on the reverse. 

6. Cheesy Card

From Bird House Press

This super cute card is perfect for any cheese lover! 
Bird House Press has a great selection of quirky illustrated items, so be sure to take a look at the full range. 

Happy Valentine's Day from all of the Merseyside Etsy Team 

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