Friday, 23 October 2015

Our Very First Meetup

First of all, hello and welcome to the brand new Merseyside Etsy Team Blog. 
There is going to be lots of exciting content coming to the blog very soon; from guest posts, to gift guides, from tutorials, to interviews with our local makers. 
The blog will hopefully be a place to thrive as a community of Etsy sellers and showcase the talent that Merseyside has to offer. 

This October we had our very first Merseyside Etsy Team Meetup.
Over 30 of the team members arrived at The Baltic Social for an evening filled with creative chit chat.
The meetup was a fantastic opportunity to meet other online Etsy sellers in person. 
A huge range of people attended, from experienced Etsy sellers, to brand new shop owners; making it perfect to learn and share experiences. 

While chatting about our Etsy shops and sharing top tips, some of us even left with a new crafty skill!
The lovely Sarah, from Penelope Teapot , was on hand making pompoms. 

And the fabulous Vicky, from Zebra Creations UK, was there sharing her adorable mini fabric bunting. 

As well as creative and business ideas being shared, there were lots of exciting thoughts generated for the future of this Team. 

After the success of our very first meetup, we are in the process of planning our next one!
Any Etsy Seller who is a member of the Merseyside Etsy Team is more than welcome to attend (The more the merrier!) so keep your eyes peeled on our Etsy Team Page for more details coming soon!

Did you attend the meetup? Feel free to share your thoughts about it in the comments below.

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